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  Boxer Club of Louisiana
Membership Information


Interested in becoming a member of our Club? Following are the types of membership available to choose from and the requirements to apply for membership :


Regular Membership - for individuals eighteen (18) years of age and older, who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and the American Boxer Club and who subscribe to the purposes of this Club, will have voting rights. These members must attend a minimum of one (1) membership meeting per fiscal year in order to retain regular member status; if a Regular Member fails to attend one (1) membership meeting in a fiscal year, their membership will be converted to Associate Member status.

Associate Membership - for individuals eighteen (18) years of age and older, does not have voting rights, and does not count toward a quorum. In order to move from Associate Membership to Regular Membership, an Associate Member must have attended one (1) membership meeting the previous fiscal year;

Junior Membership - for individuals under eighteen (18) years of age. Junior Members cannot vote or hold office, but may enjoy other privileges of membership including serving on committees. Junior Membership may automatically convert to Regular Membership upon an individual turning eighteen (18) years old, assuming the minimum number of meetings has been attended.


1. Must be in good standing with AKC and the American Boxer Club.

2. Membership is not restricted as to state of residence.

3. Must attend one membership meeting.

4. Fill out Membership Application endorsed by two members in good standing, one endorsing member must have Regular Membership status.

5. Submit your application to the Membership Chair with a check for the first year dues in the amount of $35 for Regular Membership, $25 for Associate Membership, or $10 for Junior Membership.

6. Once your membership application has been submitted, affirmative votes of three-fourths (3/4) of the members present that are eligible to vote shall be required to make your membership official!

To request an application, contact Membership Chair Juanita Barbaro via EMAIL.



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